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The battery in your car is the most important piece of electrical current distributor. without a battery, or a bad battery, your car is basically inoperable. Your car will not start, and a car that can not start or stay running is nothing but a show piece in front of your driveway. Might as well call it dead weight. So don't take it easy when it comes to your car battery.
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Most of us are too wound up with our daily chores and with so much to remember in daily life, we tend to only remember the minimals about our car like oil change, tires, brakes, and well, how to drive. In fact, there is much more to it then just that. The fact that the car is operable and we are able to perform our daily chores without having to wait for a bus or an Uber is to really appreciate our car batteries.

Now you must be thinking, how about gas, I can't drive without gas in the tank either?!?!? The answer is yes, you are right. You can't drive without gas either however, you can carry a jerry can to the gas station near you and bring enough gas to get you and your car to the gas station and fill it up. BINGO! you are back on the road.

Can you imagine carrying a car battery from a battery shop all the way to wherever you are left stranded? The store may be a couple of miles down the road or a few miles away from where you are.

Don't wait till you are stranded. Bring your car in to DOW Auto Care for a full inspection which includes battery and alternator testing. Speaking of the alternator, if you cars alternator fails to properly charge the battery, though the battery might be in perfect condition, you are still not going to go any far than you would with a dead battery.

Your alternator has a charging current rating range and it must meet and be within the specs to pass. If your alternator is starting to go bad, our certified mechanics will be able to catch the problem before hand and replace it for you while you wait and get you back on the road in no time.

Come and check us out. We are a full auto service mechanic shop. We do no guessing. We use state of the art computer diagnosis tools and get you the right results in no time. "There Is No Guessing With Our Testing"

Batteries and Alternators

A/C Repair FAQs
Q: What is battery cycle life?

One cycle of a battery is a discharge from full charge to full discharge and a return to full charge again. The total number of cycles a battery can perform before failure is called its Cycle Life. Most battery manufacturers will not discus the Cycle Life of their product. Many advertised Deep Cycle batteries have not been tested, or, which is the case with cranking batteries, were never designed for long Cycle Life .

Q: How can I evalutate the health and charge state of a battery?

Routine battery examinations divulge irregularities in the charging system as well as in the batteries. The principle method is to examine the electrochemistry of the battery through hydrometric electrolyte inspection. As previously discussed, this important examination cannot be accomplished with sealed absorption or gel batteries. Voltage readings alone require experience to interpret.

Q: How do I know if I need to change my alternator?

The alternator is what charges and maintains the charge level of your car battery. If your alternator is stating to go bad, it might look like its your battery thats going bad. The symptoms will be alike. Delayed start, less brightness of you lights including dome lights, sluggish driving, and finally no charge. If these conditions are present, bring your car to a certified mechanic shop like DOW Auto Care for a professional testing.

Q: can I replace my car battery without going to a mechanic shop?

Technically, yes you can. Its not hard at all. With little knowledge of using minimal tools and you are good to go. However, the reason your battery is dead in first place may need to be diagnosed further. The problem may be with your alternator or the entire charging / electrical system. You need to take it to the mechanic shop right away to find out why your battery died before you get stranded in the middle of a highway at night.

Q: Are all car batteries same?

All car batteries function the say way but not all car batteries are same size. Infact, not all battery leads are the same either. You need to get the exact same battery with the same specs for your car to fit it right. If the battery is bigger in size, it will not fit the tray. if the leads are not right, you will not be able to connect your wires to the battery. You are better off taking you car to a professional and get the right battery installed.